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Change Your Mind and Keep the Change

Karyn Chalk, Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner, Duendin, NZ
Karyn Chalk, Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner, Duendin, NZ
Photo by Brendon Williamson, Careys Bay, Dunedin
Photo by Brendon Williamson, Careys Bay, Dunedin

Change your mind and keep the change

Individual coaching sessions are a perfect way to blast through baggage and truly get on with the type of life you deserve to live.

We all need a coach at some stage in our lives to provide us with a partnership, a sounding board, a strategist to overcome barriers, beliefs and the challenges life throws our way.  

Any of these Familiar?

  • Are you experiencing difficulties in life such as anxiety, rage, panic attacks, conflicts or sleep issues?
  • Do you have an internal fight that you’d love to turn off?
  • Are your thought patterns a radio show you’d like to change channels on?
  • Are there certain people in your life you’d like to have different responses towards?

In many situations, the fight/flight of your brain may have developed a “red alert” pathway to certain people, places or situations. 

By learning how to calm down your brain you can also decrease the stress your body holds on to. Karyn weaves neuro-linguistic programming and havening techniques together to assist clients in building resilience, improving health, creating better relationships and generally making life easier.


 Here’s what Tony said about her session:

"NLP and Havening has to be one of the best processes around for self-healing.
I’ve just had a session with Karyn Chalk, Changing Ways to address an issue which has been affecting my confidence, and creating much debilitating anxiety for years. In one short session, following a conversation with my unconscious, Karyn was easily able to take me to a place where the underlying issue that triggers the response, was revealed and within half an hour, resolved.

All in a calm, simple, unchallenging fashion leaving me feeling empowered, centered and absolutely amazed that it could be that easy! I’m looking forward to the next time I’m in a situation that would normally initiate the old response. There is no doubt it will be different from now on. I unreservedly recommend Karyn’s combination of and NLP and Havening as powerful tools to work with any personal challenges, issues or goals."


And this was how Steven found his session 

"I found Karyn's coaching sessions helped immensely with getting to the core of what was holding me back from achieving the things that were truly important to me. All of this was delivered in a caring way from someone who has a wealth of knowledge and real empathy."

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Benefits of Changing Ways Coaching sessions include:

• Success based behaviours, actions, and attitudes

• Ability to make changes quickly and gently using powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Havening techniques

• Improved work-life balance

• Goal setting and achievement

• Ability to work through challenges in a calm and centered way

• Relaxed and easy-going atmosphere

And don't worry if you live out of town or find attending a session difficult as we also utilise zoom.