FREE ONLINE Switching Off At Night Seminars

Using neuroscience to unplug, calm down and have a great sleep

Switching off at night
Switching off at night
 Karyn Chalk, Self Havening techniques
Karyn Chalk, Self Havening techniques
Karyn Chalk, Positive Neuroplasticity Training
Karyn Chalk, Positive Neuroplasticity Training

Having trouble sleeping?  

In these free online seminars you will learn 3 sleep techniques to help you unplug, calm down and get a great night’s sleep. These techniques will also help to ease overwhelm, overthinking and feelings of burnout. 

What will we cover in the free Online 'Switching Off At Night' Seminar?

We will start by looking at why sleep is so important to our health and wellbeing.

You will be introduced to the Green Zone, the brain and body’s natural rest and repair operating system.

From there you will be introduced to Havening Techniques, which use the power of soothing touch to quickly calm down at the end of the day.

And to round off we will look at how you can utilise positive neuro-plasticity to improve your mental and physical health.

Who would benefit from this seminar? 

Anyone who struggling to get to sleep at night.

Anyone wanting to learn how to switch off overthinking at night

Anyone interested in having better dreams and waking up feeling more content in the morning.

Anyone experiencing overwhelm on a regular basis.

Why the free "Switching Off At Night" seminars?

Over the past 3 years Karyn Chalk has had the privilege of completing brain health and resilience training with world leaders such as: 

Dr Kate Truitt, Neuroscientist, clinical psychologist, Havening Techniques Trainer and expert in trauma.

Dr Rick Hanson, Neuropsychologist and world leader in resilience.

Dr Daniel Amen, double board certified psychiatrist and world leader in brain health.

Her interest was sparked from experiencing burnout and then the journey she has embraced to learn to calm her brain and build a more inner resource.   These free seminars are an opportunity for her to share her skills with others.  The skills and techniques taught provide an opportunity to learn powerful neuroscience techniques and can make a huge difference in the turbulent times we are all facing.  

Click Here To Register for the FREE Online Seminar on Sunday 27th August, 4.00pm - 5.00pm  (NZST) 


If you can't attend the seminar, register anyway, as I will send a recording, a handout and some useful practices after the seminar. 

Click here to view the FREE Switching Off At Night Video Series

About the speaker, Karyn Chalk

Karyn's  interest in building resilient landscapes through brain care strategies resulted from experiencing chronic workplace burnout in 2017. After taking time off and re-entering another workplace a couple of years later she found her ability to manage stress was compromised and her self-care took kit was not fit for purpose. On her brain wellness journey Karyn learnt tools and strategies from world leaders qualified in neuroscience, trauma and resilience.

Karyn is a brain health coach and trainer.  She has masterfully combined her theoretical knowledge, life experience and practical coaching toolbox to create outstanding results in helping her clients recover from burnout, fatigue and anxiety. She has a natural ability to reach the heart of a wide range of problems in a relaxed, pragmatic and friendly way.


  • Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner
  • Certified Brain Health Trainer, Amen Clinics
  • Positive Neuro-Plasticity Accredited Trainer, Dr Rick Hanson
  • Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Dr Richard Bolstad
  • Transforming Communication Instructor
  • Dip Teaching
  • BCApSci, Human Nutrition
  • Grad Dip Business Studies, Dispute Resolution