Overcoming Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety 12 week programme

Changing Ways, Dr Amen licensed brain trainer
Changing Ways, Dr Amen licensed brain trainer
Overcome anxiety through building a healthier brain
Overcome anxiety through building a healthier brain

For anyone serious about overcoming anxiety this 12 week coaching package is packed to the brim with everything you need to succeed.   It’s research based, personalised for you and has a very high success rate.

You will receive:

  • Dr Daniel Amen’s “6 weeks to overcome anxiety, grief and trauma” comprehensive workbook. This resource is nothing short of lifechanging. After completing a comprehensive assessment of your brain and body health you will then assess the autonomic negative thoughts (ANTs) that trigger anxiety. Through daily lessons you will learn what nutrition, exercise, calming strategies, actions and supplements your brain needs for optimal health.
  • A hardcopy of Daniel Amen’s “Your brain is always listening” book. 
  • Daily and weekly reflection templates to measure progress and reflect on challenges. This information is used to design an achievable and realistic plan of action to make lasting changes.
  • 6 x 90 minute individual coaching sessions.  These sessions are aimed at supporting you in turning brain health strategies that will help your specific circumstance into daily actions. Alongside this you will learn easy and effective neuroscience based strategies to clear the autonomic negative thinking (ANTs) patterns arising in your day to day life that trigger anxiety and panic.
  • Weekly overcoming anxiety videos to help you learn how to calm down, reduce stress and feel more connected.  Doing these daily will allow you to feel more confident, content and calm when life around is uncertain and unpredictable.

The 12 week Overcoming Anxiety  programme is for you if: 

• You are tired of struggling with anxiety,  feeling tired all the time, or emotional eating
• You want to sleep better, feel better and look better 
• You want to stop having emotional reactions to people and situations 
• You’re ready to take action 

You will learn:

  • Simple yet powerful ways to calm down when you start feeling anxious
  • What to eat that builds optimum health and stops cravings
  • How to identify and tame the dragons that trigger you into anxiety
  • Actions you can take to calm down, feel content and improve your sleep
  • Feel better fast techniques to soothe anxiety and boost moods

Overcoming Anxiety requires a commitment to change

Let's not beat around the bush though.  Getting lasting results in this 12 week programme requires commitment, time, reflection, effort and daily actions.   You will need to put time aside to go through the lessons,  do some reflections and make some change.    

The results will definitely be worth it when days become calmer and there is a sense of feeling content when you wake up each morning, you have great sleep routines, your hair and skin look amazing, your body shape starts changing, your ability to focus at work improves and your mood improves.

Investment for the 12 week Overcoming Anxiety Programme is $1465.00 

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