Increasing Motivation

Increasing Motivation

Resources to help increase motivation
Increasing motivation
Increasing motivation

Want to feel more motivated?  Learn some powerful neuroscience based strategies to help build motivation to taking some action and stepping onto a success based path. 

Our brain evolved over millions of years.  Over this time, in order to survive, we developed 3 core needs.  We need to feel safe, we need to feel satisfied and we need to feel connected. 

In order to have good mental health we have 3 buckets that need to be 

  • The safety bucket. We need an inner sense of safety. 
  • The satisfaction bucket. We need to feel as though we can achieve some goals and have some goodness in our lives. 
  • The connection bucket. We need to feel connected, a sense of belonging. 

Feelings of dissatisfaction, lack of motivation, feeling depressed and "meh" are signs that our satisfaction bucket is running on empty. 


Below is a meditation to help build motivation.  We do this by really focusing on the rewards, the benefits of the goal you'd like to achieve, the pathway you'd like to take.  Doing this helps create and build new success pathways in the brain.  Its very powerful.  Enjoy and feel free to share with others. 

Want to know more about ways to fill up your safety, satisfaction and connection buckets?  Karyn Chalk is an accredited Positive Neuroplasticity Trainer.  In this 18 hour training, designed by world resilience expert Dr Rick Hanson, you will learn how to take daily experiences and neurologically install them into lasting traits of happiness, grit, confidence and happiness.  

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