Responding to Tricky Teens

Responding To Tricky Teens Workshop

Responding To Tricky Teens Online Workshop
Responding To Tricky Teens Online Workshop

Consider the following:

Is your teenager behaving in a way that pushes your buttons? 

Are you at a loss as to what to do or say when challenges arise? 

Have you tried to help your teenager and then been accused of intruding?

Let’s face it, teenagers have the unique ability to challenge us in ways we never thought possible. And sometimes, despite our best intentions, the way we respond can actually make matters worse. 

Although we’d absolutely love to, the truth is, we can’t make our teens change how they are behaving. And we all know that the more we dictate how they are to behave, the more they will rebel. This course is all about changing how you respond to your teenager when he/she engages in behaviours that frustrate and upset you.

Finally, help is here!  At Changing Ways we can show you how to respond to your teenager when he/she is upset, struggling with life’s challenges or generally being obnoxious.The Responding to Tricky Teens workshop is guaranteed to help change your situation at home for the better. The workshop is experiential, engaging and backed by leading-edge science and research. 

Here’s benefits for you as a parent attending the workshop:

  • Know what to say (or not say) when difficult situations arise
  • Improve relationships that have been difficult in the past
  • Really hear what your teenager is saying
  • Learn how to respond when your child is upset or angry
  • Influence your teenager in a supportive and loving way
  • Learn how to calm and centre yourself when things get heated

Your teenager will start to notice that he/she:


  • Now feels heard and understood
  • Feels empowered to manage their own health and decisions
  • Can also change his/her style of communication and start listening more
  • Is more comfortable communicating his/her concerns to you
  • Is relieved that he/she is now encouraged to make his/her own decisions

Who is the workshop aimed at?

We can’t stop our children engaging in high-risk behaviours or pushing boundaries.  What we can do is increase the chance of influencing our teenagers positively by keeping the doors of communication open at home. This workshop is designed for parents who want to find ways to respond to difficult and stressful situations in a way that is useful, constructive and respectful. 

Investment:  $110.00

14th August 2022                                    3.00 - 5.30pm (New Zealand ST)                                         
16th September 202210.00am - 12.30pm (New Zealand ST)  

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Your Facilitator:  Karyn Chalk 

Karyn is an experienced personal development consultant, brain health coach and group facilitator. She has a gift for incorporating her own life experiences and education into a constantly evolving wisdom that motivates and inspires others. In 2016 she authored the book “Responding To Tricky Teens” which provides an overview of how she implemented the Transforming Communication tools to into her own family. She has sold over 1500 copies of this book and run many parenting workshops following this. 

Karyn is a licensed Brain Health Trainer, Havening Techniques® Practitioner, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Transforming Communication Instructor, qualified mediator and dispute resolution consultant.