Individual Assistance for PNT Participants

Individual assistance for Positive Neuroplasticity Training Participants

Positive neuroplasticity coaching
Positive neuroplasticity coaching

Individual assistance whilst completing the Positive Neuroplasticity Training 

Karyn Chalk is an accredited Positive Neuroplasticity Trainer and offers individual sessions to help clarify, personalise and integrate the skills of installing everyday positive experiences to change your brain,  your life and your relationships. 

In his teachings, Dr Rick Hanson acknowledges there is A LOT of content covered in the Positive Neuroplasticity Training.  By investing in one or more individual sessions you will accelerate your learning by talking through your challenges and then pinpointing strategies that will directly assist. 

Here's what to expect: 

Before the session Karyn encourages you to  ponder and outline what you would like to achieve from the session.  Taking some time to do this will ensure you receive maximum bang for buck during the session. 

During the session we will focus on your specific goals and outcomes. The aim is for you to have a deeper understanding of an areas you were stuck on and also a plan in place going forward. 

Here's some examples of outcomes others have received in these sessions: 

  • Discuss and clarify any specific content queries and relate this to your individual circumstances.

  • Review the HEAL process and gain clarification of how to use linking to build resilience and heal past hurts.

  • Identify the inner strengths you would like to develop (your Vitamin C) and review  strategies and practices specifically targeted to this.

  • Identify any parts of the programme that trigger an emotional reaction and strategies that will help on your healing journey.

  • Develop a personalised '5 minutes a day' PNT plan to help maximise living a healthy, happy and productive life.

Investment for a 75 minute session: 

Individual coaching session:  $130.00

Three session coaching package:  $375.00

Please email Karyn Chalk with any queries.