Testimonials From Our Clients

Some of our customers have been kind enough to write us a testimonial.  You can find them below as we add them.

I was in a situation of complete relationship breakdown with an employee. I had disconnected, was finding myself getting intolerant and started looking for other employment. I didn't have much hope in mediation but agreed to give it a go. it was a relief when I first met Karyn to discover she was engaging, friendly and .able to help me articulate my issues and concerns..

At mediation she masterfully helped both of us discuss our challenges. She normalised responses by explaining how our brain was interpreting situations and helped us find more effective ways to communicate going forward. I was very impressed and surprised at how much we achieved. And 6 months on our relationship has completely changed for the better.
— Shelly M, General Manager
Buckle yourself into your chair and prepare for a dose of parenting reality!

"Wow! Karyn Chalk has written the book that every parent with teenagers was wishing for (including every parent who thought they knew all the right things to say and do). It pulls no punches, and it talks about the practical everyday details of living with an angry, upset, rejecting or confused teen.It explains why what you've been trying to do, with the best intentions, hasn't worked. It shows you why, with your best efforts, you haven't yet managed to create the respectful and supportive relationship you were wishing for. Best of all, it tells the true story, which I heard about as it happened, of how Karyn turned this situation around.Karyn has an eye for what's truly important, and she know how to explain it in clear no-nonsense language. As you read about Karyn's situation, you'll realise "That's me" and then, with relief as you read the solutions "... and that could be me too."You won't be able to put this down until you've read the whole thing and started transforming your own communication with your teenager/s. Brilliant. "
— Dr Richard Bolstad, NLP Trainer, author and developer of Transforming Communication
For 8 years I have felt anxious and worried that my partner had not let go of his previous relationships and this impacted on how I responded to him. I was never able to find peace in the relationship and this was the cause of most of the arguments we had.

It wasn't until I meet Karyn that I was finely able to let that go and realise that past experiences actually allowed us to be who we are today.  The 2 sessions I had  have brought so much power into my current relationship. I am now truly able to live and reside in the true essence of myself and be peacefully in love with the man of my dreams.

Thank You Karyn, NLP does work !

Truly Grateful
— AF, Manager
NLP and Havening has to be one of the best processes around for self-healing.
I’ve just had a session with Karyn Chalk, Changing Ways to address an issue which has been affecting my confidence, and creating much debilitating anxiety for years. In one short session, following a conversation with my unconscious, Karyn was easily able to take me to a place where the underlying issue that triggers the response, was revealed and within half an hour, resolved.

All in a calm, simple, unchallenging fashion leaving me feeling empowered, centered and absolutely amazed that it could be that easy! I’m looking forward to the next time I’m in a situation that would normally initiate the old response. There is no doubt it will be different from now on. I unreservedly recommend Karyn’s combination of and NLP and Havening as powerful tools to work with any personal challenges, issues or goals.
— Tony M, Massage Therapist
When I first met Karyn, I was impressed with her engaging and relaxed approach to coaching and personal development which is something I had been seeking in a coach for sometime. I have since elected to participate in Karyn's Changing Ways "Strategies For Success" programme and can attest to the depth of knowledge Karyn holds and her wealth of experience is nothing short of admirable. On a personal level, Karyn is a pleasure to be around and always has a smile on her face. She is warm and inviting, a careful listener and a very effective coach.
— Johny O’Donnell