Easing Overwhelm

Easing Overwhelm

Resources for deep feelers and highly sensory people
Hot tips for easing overwhelm
Hot tips for easing overwhelm

Deep feelers and highly sensitive people account for about 20% of the population.   People with these traits are are built more deeply, emotionally and mentally than most people. And with some great wellbeing plans in place you can turn this trait into your own set of super powers. 

There are pros and cons of course so lets list a few. 

You have a heightened awareness of the stimuli around you which can lead to overwhelm- lights, sounds, emotions, crowds, uncomfortable clothes

Violent movies can really effect you

You have a deep level of empathy

You are able to find the beauty in almost anything, whether it’s art or something in nature.

You can feel anxious, overwhelmed, overstimulated easily

You benefit form reflection and yet can be prone to worry and rumination

You need a lot of down time to unplug.

You may struggle with multitasking and pressures

You can pick up on the needs of others, which needs to be monitored as it can lead to compassion fatigue

You sit back, think about things and then, they think about things some more, which gives other people time to digest, sit and wait. 


Below are some videos I have developed to help deep feelers and highly sensitive people (such as myself) calm down, unplug and recharge.