Havening Techniques FAQ

Havening Techniques FAQ

Understand how Havening Techniques can dramatically change your health and wellbeing
Havening Techniques, Dunedin, New Zealand
Havening Techniques, Dunedin, New Zealand

What are Havening Techniques?

Havening Techniques® are a very gentle and highly effective neuroscience based psycho-sensory modality, utilising touch.  

Over time, with regular practice, Havening Techniques can help you to regulate your nervous system, improve your health and help you feel happier, more content and improve your relationships with others. 

How can Havening Techniques help me? 

Living life feeling stressed and overwhelmed is nothing short of exhausting.  It’s hard to concentrate, hard to be patient with others and next to impossible to get into a solid sleep routine.  

To get on top of this we need to find a way of getting back in our green zone, our natural home base, where we can take a pause, get some sleep and calm things down. 

And this is where Havening Techniques come in… it's healing in your own hands.

In order to survive millions of years ago, our brain evolved with a range of natural healing capacities. One of these involves soothing touch to our face, upper arms and palms of our hands.   

There are specific types of skin receptors located in areas on our face, upper arms and palms that, when activated by touch, produces a slow brain wave called a delta wave, commonly found in deep sleep.

The Havening touch naturally creates an electrochemical experience of safety in our brain.  When our brain has a sense of safety and connection, then it is able to move back into the green zone, it feels safe enough to fall into a deep sleep and it stops scanning continuously for threats. 

Self-Havening on a regular basis creates psychological safety for the brain to heal.  It's fast, free and easy to do. 

What does a Havening Techniques Coaching session look like?


When our brain is sitting in high alert (the red zone) it can become consumed with scanning for threats.  If you have been feeling anxious, overwhelmed, unwell for a period of time, the top priority in a coaching session is for you to feel safe and the session to be at a pace that suits you.   

  •  To help me understand your goals and expectations, I will ask you to give me a brief run down of the challenge/s you are experiencing before the session. 


  • If you are new to Havening Techniques then we will spend some time trying it out and seeing what works for you.   Doing this will also create a sense of safety and help start the healing process. 


  • There are a variety of Havening Techniques that can be personalised to suit your particular challenges and outcomes.


  • To supercharge achieving your goals and aspirations, together we will design an easy to implement, 5 minute a day brain care plan.