Bee Sting Success Story

Bee Sting Success Story

25th February 2022
Changing Ways,  NLP Allergy Cure for bee stings
Changing Ways, NLP Allergy Cure for bee stings

About 5 years ago I had a session with a client who experienced  moderate reactions to bee stings.  If she got a bee sting her whole arm and neck would swell up.  She then got unwell, had to go to the doctor and take a couple of days off work to recover.  

We did the NLP allergy cure and I didn't hear form her for a while.  She emailed me a couple of years ago to say she had got stung on her wrist, it was a bit sore but nothing like it used to be.  Then she emailed me this week to say she got stung in the neck and just had a little mark to show for it.  There was no big reaction and she feels fine after it.  She was so happy because she used to be fearful of being stung in the neck because of the possibility or airway constriction.

Once again this really goes to show the power of the mind and how we can change our mind to keep the change. 


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