Changing Ways June Newsletter

Changing Ways June Newsletter

1st June 2023
Changing Ways June Newsletter
Changing Ways June Newsletter

Welcome to my Changing Ways June newsletter.  My aim is to give you some free offerings, interesting stuff and also update you on future upcoming seminars and workshops.

May was exciting for me taking Havening Techniques and Positive Neuroplasticity out into my own community for the first time.  I ran a number of free seminars, used these tools effectively as a mediator with an employment relationship breakdown and also ran the ‘how to hardwire happiness’ workshop to an organisation supporting clients with ongoing mental health challenges.

Free calming, soothing and distress tolerance practices
I’m developing a range of public videos that help back up workshops and provide additional resources for clients.  Feel free to use and share these resources as you see fit.

Below is a link to my latest video ‘being basically ok’.  It is the perfect go to for anxiety, overwhelm, panic, depression etc.  It helps the hypothalamus tell the amygdala that all is well, it can relax, there’s no tigers in the room.  All is well.

I have this set up as a short cut on my phone, making it easy to access if I wake up in the night and need some assistance getting back to sleep.

Free Online Switching Off At Night Seminars

I ran this workshop to around 350 people in 2022. Due to popularity and regular requests,  I’m getting these started again.  I’ve included a flyer that you can print out or send to interested people.

Next free seminar is Tuesday 14th June, 6.30pm. 

Dates, times and registration details and more information

How to Hardwire Happiness 2 hour workshop - $95.00

This 2-hour workshop is perfect introduction to Positive Neuroplasticity for individuals or organisations. 

  • We will start by introducing you to the 3-core survival needs of the brain and discuss the important link these have to mental health and happiness. 
  • You’ll be shown how to overcome the negativity bias of the brain by learning how to take in beneficial experiences and internalize them as lasting inner strengths.
  • We will have a practical experience Havening Techniques® so you can see how it calms you down, heals and builds resilience. 
  • You’ll be shown a road map to follow to overcome challenges effectively. 
  • We will finish with a 4-step prescription for long-term physical health and mental well-being.

More information about this workshop is below.

Online Positive Neuroplasticity Training, 18 hours, $695.00

This really has to be my all-time favourite course.  It teaches you how to fully top up your brains 3 essential core needs of safety, satisfaction and connection. 

  • Personally, this course has improved my relationships especially with family members, helped me feel more content and considerably improved my mental health. 


  • Professionally this course is remarkable in helping clients to be able to sleep better, get on with others, distress tolerance in tough times, reduce lingering anxiety and manage health and injuries more effectively.

I love also that the strategies taught are based on learning “how” to take in and install beneficial experiences. Once you know and understand the neuroscience behind this, the tools are really easy, achievable and can be done as you go through your day.  I use these tools with every client because they are highly effective, manageable and fun to implement.

Next course has places available.

How:  Online.  6 sessions, 2.30 – 5.30pm (New Zealand Standard Time)
Dates: August: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31stSeptember: 7th.

More information:

If you can’t attend this course and are interested in the next one, let me know as I’m currently getting dates and times.

Drop me a line if you have any questions or would like to book a course or workshop. 

Kind regards

Karyn Chalk