ONLINE Workshop, How to hardwire happiness

ONLINE Workshop, How to hardwire happiness

6:30pm 22nd March 2023
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How to hardwire happiness online workshop
How to hardwire happiness online workshop
Photo by Brendon Williamson, Dunedin, New Zealand
Photo by Brendon Williamson, Dunedin, New Zealand
Havening Techniques Karyn Chalk
Havening Techniques Karyn Chalk

ONLINE WORKSHOP, 22nd March 2023. 6.30 - 8.30pm

Did you know that inner strengths such as happiness, feeling content, motivation and feeling connected can be hardwired inside you? 

Learn the art of how to take every day experiences and install them into lasting inner traits using neuroscience. Its fun, easy and lifechanging.   

In this 2 hour interactive workshop you will be introduced to the power of Positive Neuroplasticity and Havening Techniques.  You will be shown how to:

  1. Take every day experiences and hardwire them into inner strengths.
  2. Calm down quickly and effectively in difficult times.
  3. Design and implement a ‘5 minutes a day’ hardwire happiness plan.


Positive Neuroplasticity has been developed by Dr Rick Hanson, a world leader in resilience, and uses the latest developments in neuroscience and psychology to rewire and hardwire feelings such as happiness, being content and feeling connected. Learning how to take everyday experiences and install them as inner strengths is a keystone to improving mental and physical health.  Inner strengths also allow us to learn and grow and are useful for every day well being as well as turbulent times.  Inner strengths include feelings of being calm, content, happy, satisfied, connected and motivated.


Havening Techniques® are a very gentle and highly effective neuroscience based psycho-sensory modality, utilising touch. Havening Techniques allow you to quickly regulate your nervous system, release emotional responses, stabilise your emotional well-being and build resilience.   Over time and with regular practice, Havening Techniques can help you to regulate your nervous system, improve your health and get on better with others.

The combination of Positive Neuroplasticity and Havening Techniques provide a powerful, effective and easy to implement self-care tool to stay centered amidst uncertain times. 


Investment:  $25.00


About your facilitator, Karyn Chalk  

Karyn Chalk is New Zealand’s first positive neuroplasticity certified trainer. She is all for giving people the tools to produce powerful, positive and permanent change for themselves which then immediately ripple out to improve relationships at home, in the workplace and in the community.

Karyn has a varied background in theoretical knowledge with university qualifications in Science, Education and Dispute Resolution.   She is a qualified Havening Techniques Practitioner and Master neuro-linguistics Programming Practitioner. Alongside this she is an experienced life coach, dispute resolution consultant,  clinical supervisor and mediator.   These threads of experience weave together to enrich Karyn’s ability to masterfully tailor her approach for outstanding results. 

  • Positive Neuro-Plasticity Accredited Trainer, Dr Rick Hanson
  • Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner
  • Certified Brain Health Trainer, Amen Clinics
  • Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Transformations NLP, Dr Richard Bolstad
  • Transforming Communication Instructor, Transformations NLP
  • Dip Teaching
  • BCApSci, Human Nutrition
  • Grad Dip Business Studies, Dispute Resolution, Massey University