How to supercharge your goals

How to supercharge your goals

Hot tips to help encourage motivation
How to supercharge your goals
How to supercharge your goals

Want to feel more motivated and learn how to supercharge your goals?

In February 2024, Karyn Chalk facilitated a Community Classroom event designed to introduce ways to utilise the power of positive neuroplasticity to supercharge your goals. Participants learnt how to unlock motivation networks that are easily accessible inside ourselves and help build motivation towards taking actions and overcoming challenges. Karyn has recorded the talk and offers it as a free resource below.

Here is an overview of the “How To Supercharge Your Goals” seminar

- The 3 core needs of the brain - the need to feel safe, satisfied and connected.

- The impacts on motivation and goal achievement when these 3 core needs are not met.

- How to respond in the green zone to experiences that are pleasant, unpleasant, heartfelt and neutral.

- How to take in beneficial experiences using the H.E.A.L process designed by Dr Rick Hanson

- How to feel more satisfied, content and to let accomplishments land inside of you.

- An inner practice of noticing the rewards of a goal you'd like to be more motivated towards

- Overcoming challenges along the way through self compassion, reframing the experience and gaining a sense of being safe and Ok in this moment.

About your positive neuroplasticity trainer, Karyn Chalk  

Karyn Chalk is a Positive Neuroplasticity Certified Trainer, based in Dunedin, New Zealand. 

She is all for giving people the tools to produce powerful, positive and permanent change for themselves which then immediately ripple out to improve relationships at home, in the workplace and in the community.

Karyn has a varied background in theoretical knowledge with university qualifications in Science, Education and Dispute Resolution.   She is a qualified Havening Techniques Practitioner and Master Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner. Alongside this she is an experienced life coach, dispute resolution consultant,  clinical supervisor and mediator.   She has worked in large organisations such as Fisher and Paykel, New Zealand Post, Department of Corrections and Cadburys. 

These threads of experience weave together to enrich Karyn’s ability to masterfully tailor her approach for outstanding results. 

  • Positive Neuro-Plasticity Accredited Trainer, Dr Rick Hanson

  • Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

  • Certified Brain Health Trainer, Amen Clinics

  • Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Transformations NLP, Dr Richard Bolstad

  • Transforming Communication Instructor, Transformations NLP

  • Dip Teaching

  • BCApSci, Human Nutrition

  • Grad Dip Business Studies, Dispute Resolution, Massey University